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January 25, 2021

01/22/21 - 01/24/21 | Fairfield Lake State Park | Post Oak Loop, Site 0117

While we aren't set on visiting all Texas State Parks (yet) as a goal, we do like finding ones we haven't been to before. We reached out to and invited some of our favorite camping buddies, the Ives family, to join us for the weekend. Unfortunately, Cathy couldn't join - but Lee and Justin made the trip out!


Fairfield Lake State Park is pretty much straight down I45 from Dallas and is about 90 minutes from our home. Makes for a quick, but fun trip! Camping in the winter in Texas is a bit of a crap-shoot, and we expected some iffy weather...but...we had power in this site and are geared up pretty well. We set up our Moon Shade to offer some additional coverage - since we had sporadic rain and mist. Since its in the winter, the trees were pretty bare and the area seemed to be pretty scrubby. It was very quiet, though. We were close to the lake and enjoyed walking down to watch the black waterfowl that had light colored beaks (no idea what they were, but they were flocks of them). There were tons of birds out - especially big fat cardinals! We also saw a few beautiful Eastern Blue Birds and a variety of other birds I can't name.


Other wildlife included some very bold armadillos. They didn't care at all that we were there... they got really close to us and just rooted around in the dirt and leaves the whole time we were there. We also saw some raccoons, but unlike at Tyler State Park - these didn't cause a lot of problems. We had a great time hanging out with Lee and Justin, even playing some games (Pass the Pigs?) and generally just talking and enjoying their company.

A wet, cold weekend - but good times. We'd definitely come back to visit FLSP!


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